What to consider when choosing a removalist

What to consider when choosing a removalist

You have decided to hire a moving professional? But you do not know how to make sure of the competence of the chosen company? Here are some valuable tips before you start your research.

Beware of the pop-up businesses

It is during the summer season that most of the moves are organized. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, some companies pop out of nowhere and try to make quick money. You will be risking your valuables if you choose to hire one of these services unknowingly. They will often have weirdly low rates and dodgy looking websites. Stay away from them and look for services that have proven testimonials.

Ask friends and family to recommend a removalist that they or a friend of theirs have used and were happy with. Their words will be more accurate than what is on the internet. It is quite often that services get fake reviews on their online profiles.

Getting an accurate quote

You should be getting an accurate quote answering questions like the total cost of the move, what is included in the cost and if there will be hidden chargers or not. Often customers get surprised with hidden costs that no one mentioned earlier on.

To estimate costs as accurately as possible, take into account the situation of your move and the desired level of service. The price increases with the number of pieces because it requires more time and manpower.

In addition to loading and transporting your goods, the moving companies offer you other services adapted to the needs of your move. These services represent additional costs, which might be added to the rate of the movers.

Packaging and unpacking are the most popular services offered by moving companies. If you do not want to spend time packing yourself, the movers can do it for you for a fee. Depending on the company, packaging materials such as cardboard, wrapping paper and tape are included or not included in the packaging fee.

You might need your belongings to be stored before you arrive at your new destination and not all removalist services offer storage. If you are in need of a storage service make sure the company you’ll be hiring can provide you with this service.