Why DIY removals is a bad idea

Why DIY removals is a bad idea

Doing a DIY relocation of your house or office might sound appealing at first because of supposedly lower cost. However, it has been proved time and time again that a DIY removal might actually cost you a lot more than a professional removalist service since you are facing the risks of damaging your valuables during the moving process. You have to rent a truck, buy all the packing and safety materials and take a couple days off of your work.

Heavy furniture won’t be fun to move

A DIY removal includes moving your furniture which is a complex assignment. First, you will need to dismantle large furniture that otherwise wouldn’t fit through the doors or staircases. Carrying it will be another issue; heavy objects require experience and correct methods to carry which regular homeowners do not have. You will be putting yourself in the ways of potential harm.

It is an exhausting process

Moving is a tiring period for those who are involved. Logistics and physical work are just too much to bare and it will kill your buzz for your new house. You will have to take days off of your work in order to organize your move which means monetary loss. Added to all these is the stress of breaking or damaging your furniture without any kind of insurance. Physically it is a demanding task as you have to pack, dismantle, move, unpack and reassemble things for a long period of time.

Finding a removalist truck

If you think your daily car will be enough for your move you are very much mistaken. You will need a proper removalist truck that can fit all your furniture and other valuables in one go, it is way more economical this way. And good luck finding a removalist truck from your family or friends. Your best chance will be hiring it which will cost a lot.

Injuries can happen

It is not out of the realm of reality that injuries happen during home moves. Inexperienced homeowners attempt doing things that they aren’t capable of (carrying a piano down the stairs) and end up injuring themselves.

Hiring professional services for your home move is undoubtedly better as it will be safer and stress-free. Do yourself a favour and get the help of professionals for your move.