Start packing early and make your move easier

Box moving tips

The success of a move requires a good preparation and a good implementation of it. In order to minimize unnecessary pressure and stress, you should start packing your stuff early for your upcoming move. Imagine that you are only a couple of days away from the move day and you don’t even have half of your things packed. The sheer pressure of this will be enough to get you stressed and turn your move into a bad experience.

Many people change their lives by moving to a new place at some point in their lives and you are soon to be one of those people. However, if you asked them, many wouldn’t talk about their moving process as a joyful experience. To change this, you should plan out your move and start packing as early as possible.

Packing early will get you a stress-free moving experience

As soon as you get in contact with a removalist service and secure yourself a date, start planning out your move. This planning should include: order of the rooms you will be packing, what you are taking and what is being left, which furniture needs to be disassembled and etc. Always start packing from the least used rooms and items. Items like kitchenware should be left to the very last days as you will need them until you leave.

Marking the boxes you pack

Make sure to correctly mark all boxes that you use to pack your things. Putting item description, their intended location and fragility will help you or the removalists a lot. Make sure all boxes are carrying a reasonable weight, don’t overload them. You will also need to make sure that they are compact, that no space remains inside the carton, supplementing them with linens if necessary. This will prevent your cartons from collapsing when you carry them. And as mentioned above, indicate the destination of the box and its content, to better prepare your move.

Have a plan and start at least 10 days early

By starting to pack at least 10 days earlier you will be doing a great favour to yourself. You will have more important things to do on your moving day than packing stuff. It will be a great opportunity to declutter your house as well.

Contrary to what one could imagine, it is better to avoid mixing heavy and light objects in the same box.  For heavy things, the best is to opt for a small box. Filled, the weight of the box is certainly consistent, but the grip is facilitated by its reduced form. Do not forget that the bigger your box, the more you load it and the more risk of it breaking.

The greatest apprehension during a move often lies in the fear of breaking things that we care about. To avoid this, it is advisable to wrap each of your objects in bubble wrap. Additional protection can be provided by reinforced cardboard.