How to move heavy furniture

How to move heavy furniture

Congratulations! You accepted the offer to work in another city. Before you move to the new city you can start looking for a new house from the property sites. Finally, take advantage of the opportunity to choose your dream home. Then you need to prepare for moving: You need to wrap up your furniture in your home, put it in the removalist truck and move it to the new home.

Moving is a really difficult job, especially moving furniture and other heavy goods, it is a very, very troublesome task to relocate all the goods to the new home and place them in every room again while we are very tired.

Moving the heavy furniture will be one of the most difficult ones. Some furniture is actually so big that you will need to disassemble them because they simply won’t fir through the doors in one piece. Large beds or wardrobes can be examples.

Some furniture such as tallboys or filing cabinets is quite uncomfortable to get a good grip on hence making it a two-person job. You will need to hold these sideways at a certain angle while one of the persons holds it from the bottom and the other from the top. Centering the weight it’ll be easier to move the item.

Put the weight on your legs, not your back

If you put most of the weight on your back it is likely that you’ll feel some pain on your back the next day. To avoid this, put the weight on your legs which can bare much more than your back.

Use Accurate Equipment

You can make it easier to move using the right equipment while handling heavy goods. Using the right equipment in every job, not just lifting and moving things, is an important factor that reduces the duration and difficulty level of given the task.

Do not try to save money by doing everything yourself during the move. Removalist companies are both experienced in transporting heavy goods and have the right equipment to carry it. You can help your hefty goods be moved to their new address without being easily damaged by the help of the home delivery companies. If you want to reduce the relocation cost, you should try to pack and move smaller items and leave your furniture and white goods for the removalist company.