Your trusted removalists in Kensington

If put simply, Kensington is a beautiful area. The community has a real neighbourly feel and suburb itself is full of vibes. The whole place is rich of trees making it very green. It is very close to the city and public transport is also easily accessible. With modest restaurants and cafes, Kensington is a nice suburb with everything a resident can ask for. It is perfect for families with kids as well as single professionals. If you are looking to move to this suburb and but can’t find a removalist service, give us a call and we will do all the work for you.

Trusted removalists in Adelaide

There are many removalist services in Adelaide but there is a big common problem with almost all of them; their services are very limited and they won’t be able to adjust to your specific needs. You might have a small apartment move that doesn’t require a large removalist truck. You will have to pay for a larger truck for just a few things to be moved. Well, not anymore! As Local Removals Adelaide, we have designed and put together services for any type and size of the move so that you get exactly what you need.

Here is a list of what we do


  • Business & Office Removals
  • Residential Property Removals
  • Furniture Removals
  • Packing of furniture and antiques
  • Piano Removals
  • Pool Table Removals

No move is too big for us! We offer an assortment of vehicle sizes, offer both private and residential moves and pride ourselves on a quality removalist service to ensure every one of your belongings is cared for with premium quality. We offer a wide range of comprehensive service packages to suit any move! This includes packing, disassembling/reassembling of furniture, storage and cleaning. From studio apartment to large villas, we have the removalists and vehicles to suit all. We offer packing equipment, vehicles and tips as well as labour and support to make your move speedy and stress-free.

Here is a short list of what you will get upon hiring our services


  • Modern and equipped removalist vehicles
  • Professional removalists, the number depending on the size of the job
  • All the required tools, equipment and packing material for the job
  • An overall great service that works towards success